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Order an unharvested tray overflowing with microgreens of your choosing. Our live microgreens come in 10" by 20" trays and allow our clients to harvest their microgreens as needed, preserving all the freshness of our greens.

How To Care for your greens:

  • Our live trays are delivered in two nesting trays, simply lift the upper tray and pour 1-2 cups of water into the bottom tray daily.
  • To preserve the beautiful colour and overall health of your greens please ensure that they get adequate lighting
    • It is best to use direct natural sunlight, although ambient household lighting or led lights may also work
  • When harvesting snip roughly and inch from the base of the plant to ensure no dirt gets on your plants. 
    • Our trays are grown with absolutely No chemicals or pesticides
  • Usually our client's get about 1 week from first harvest to last, at which point any remaining greens may be harvested and refrigerated for up to another 7-10 days

Please be aware, We charge $6 for lost or broken trays, we expect to pick previous trays at each subsequent delivery.